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Image by Sean Oulashin

I am a Registered Dietitian with over twenty years of clinical experience and a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. 


Recently I completed my training in Integrative Functional Nutrition.  I have learned about nutrition in a whole new and healing way.  A way that I believe can really help!

As a Holistic Practionner, I work with people struggling with digestive issues, inflammatory and immune conditions and healing for weight loss.  I design personalized nutrition and lifestyle plans which include therapeutic diets, functional foods, supplements and mind-body modalities.  

My Rejuvenate You program  is uniquely designed to address root causes and bring you through the healing process using my three pillars Nourish + Meditate + Connect.  When you go through this healing method you will be brinigng powerful healing techniques into your life to create a total health restoration.  It is not a diet plan or quick fix.  You are optimizing the function of every body systems and creating health.

My goal is to empower clients to create lifelong changes and build a foundation of health within using a holistic approach.


Let the Healing Begin

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