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Embrace A New Paradigm in Weight Management : Personalized Solutions

Have you been either on a diet or off a diet since you were a teenager? Are still hoping to find that one magical solution that finally changes everything? Decades later, the struggle persists and is compounded by living with low levels of energy, sleepless nights or aches and pains. You encounter one endless promise after another and feel so frustrated, wondering ‘what is wrong with me’ Sound familiar?

Here is the truth: you don’t need another diet. What you need is personalized guidance and support, because there is no-one size fits all. As an experienced Registered Dietitian, recently certified in Functional Nutrition, I understand the complexities of weight loss journey

You Don’t Need Another Diet: You Need A Coach:

So you decide to set out on a new weight loss journey. You google a diet to follow and join a gym. Now imagine, walking into the gym for the first time. You are surrounded by all this equipment, each offering different results, but you have no idea where to even begin. You feel overwhelmed, unsure which exercises to start with or how to use the machines correctly. This is where a fitness trainer becomes invaluable - to guide you, create a personalized workout plan and ensure you are using the equipment safely and effectively.

Navigating the nutrition maze, especially in the weight loss world, is no different. The plethora of weight loss diets, supplements and conflicting advice can leave you feeling confused and disheartened. That is where I come in. As your Functional Dietitian & Coach, I cut through all the noise and find what truly works for you. I provide the structure, guidance and support you need to succeed.

My Personalized Approach:

As a Functional Dietitian, I offer Personalized Solutions tailored specifically for you.

1. Personalized Plan: We start with a comprehensive functional nutrition assessment to create a plan that fits your unique needs, goals and lifestyle.

2. 6-Session Coaching Package: If you love your personalized plan, I offer a 6-session coaching package. The sessions are designed to provide ongoing support and accountability to help you reach your goals.

3. 12-Session Coaching Package: For a deeper transformation and to cultivate more sustainable habits, I offer a 12-session coaching package where we make adjustments to your personalized plan, based on your needs and progress.

What’s Included:

Comprehensive functional nutrition assessment: as a foundation for your personalized plan

Root cause strategies: how to address imbalances in your body with functional nutrition

Nutrition Recommendations: my top recommendations with action steps to take

Targeted Functional Foods: incorporate foods that support your unique healing needs

Custom Meal Plan: tailored to your dietary preferences and needs

Delicious Recipes: enjoy a variety of recipes that make healthy eating enjoyable

Supportive Supplements: recommendations for supplements that complement your plan

Weekly or Bi-Weekly 1:1 Virtual Sessions: personalized coaching sessions that keep you on track and motivated

Session Summaries: a detailed summary of each session to highlight key points of your journey

Daily Food & Lifestyle Journal: daily tracking and review by Dietitian to keep you on track

Direct Messaging Support: reach out to me for on-demand support and guidance

Coaching Resources: access to a wealth of sample meal plans, recipes and ongoing updates to support your journey


I understand! You have tried it all- the latest diets, the fad trends, the quick fixes. Maybe it is time to embrace a new approach and one that is shown in the research to be the most effective: the personalized approach. Like working with a personal trainer, now every time you go to a gym you know how to make the gym work for you. Your nutrition can be the same when you work with a functional dietitian.

Embrace personalized solutions that honour your unique journey and help you to build a positive relationship with food and your body. Together we will embark on a path to a more sustainable, healthier and happier you. Feel free to reach out to me today or schedule a complimentary call, I am here to help.



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